4 flavours to choose from; 


This popular new addition to the cookie lineup is packed with vegan marshmallows and chocolate. Enjoy all the decadent goodness of your favourite campfire treat, no flames required.



Chocolate Chips

It’s the simplicity of this chocolaty cookie that makes it work so well. Treat yourself to one of our classic favourites today, made with sinfully delicious chocolate chips and wholesome vegan ingredients.



Double Chocolate

If you’re a serious chocolate junkie, you’ll love the double-chocolate punch this cookie packs. This is a decadent, vegan chocolate cookie and loaded it with semi-sweet chocolate chips.



Oatmeal Raisin

This cookie is packed with oaty goodness, juicy raisins, and just a hint of spice for that special zing. It’s a delicious companion to that steaming cup of tea.

Cookies (vegan)